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Created By:
Smoking Chimp

(Feb 22, 2009)

Card Drinking Games!


This is a slightly more complex game, but very, very fun when mastered. This game requires a minimum of 5 people to play. High boot factor.

The first hand of asshole is the establishing hand. This will decide who is the President, V-Pres, Normal People, and the Asshole for the next round.

Approxiametly 6 or 7 cards are dealt to each player, depending on the number playing this can be higher or lower. The rank of the cards is as follows (most powerful to least powerful) 2, A, K, Q, ... 4, and 3.
Some is chosen to go first and they play a card, the next person has two options:

  1. to play a card higher than (but not the same) as the previous card.
  2. or to pass on that turn.
For example, if a 4 is lead, a next player must play HIGHER than a 4, the the next player has to play higher than that. A new hand starts when all players pass, or when someone plays a 2 (the most powerful card). The last person to play a card, leads the next hand.

This proceeds until all players are rid of their cards. The first player out of cards is the Pres for the next round, the next out becomes the VP, the next players out are normal, and the last person out is the Asshole.

However lets say that the person leading has two 5's, this person may play them both, then the next player must play two of the same card HIGHER than five; this player cannot play one card or three cards, only two. As well, three, or even four, of the same card may be lead. The only time a player may lay one card in a situation like this is if it is a two (the power card); a single two, beats everything, and the hand ends followed by a new lead.

The roles for each player are as follows:

President: can make any player drink at any time, no-one may make the President drink but self. The Pres is the first player to start each round (benefits of power). And the Pres should never have to refill own beer. Vice President: can make any player drink at any time (except Pres), the only the Pres or self can make the VP drink. The VP goes second in each round. Normal People: These players can make each other drink as well as the Asshole. They play in the order they finished the previous round; first normal out follows the VP, second normal out follows first, etc. Asshole: for many reasons, this player is truly the Asshole. This player has to do all dealing of cards, all sweeping of cards after the hands, and can not make any other player drink. The asshole plays last in each round.

A few recommendations, at the end of each round, the players should move seats in order to reflect the hierachy, and proper playing order. Play your lowest cards first. Abuse the power when Pres or VP, but remember it will always come back to haunt you, especially when abusing the Asshole.

Play as many rounds as desired.


Beer Blow

Another very simple game (the best kind) with a high buzz factor. Supplies: people, beer, deck of cards, empty bottle.

The deck of cards is placed on the empty bottle. Each player blows cards off the deck on the bottle in turn. The one who blows the last card off the bottle has to drink one glass of beer.

Variation: If sombody spots an ace among the cards a player blew off - that player has to drink once. So if someone blows down a bunch of cards and two aces are visible that person would drink twice.


Brain Damage

A fantastic game. Undoubtedly when you first explain this game, people give blank stares and are confused, but after a quick round, everyone usually gets the hang of things. You'll need a deck of cards with all 8s, 9s and the red 10 tens removed, people, and the ever-important beer. The buzz factor starts out low, but with lots of people, dealing last can be dangerous at best.

The ranks of the cards are:

Face cards .5 points
Aces 1.0 point
2-7 face value
10s wild
The game is played just like BlackJack but to 7.5 points.

First, lay out all cards face down, everyone "cuts for deal". Highest card deals first (10 would be 7.5, 7 is very good). Deal will go from highest draw to lowest. Very important: you cannot leave the game until after you have dealt. That's why dealing first is great, dealing last has been known to result in "Brain Damage."

Dealer takes deck, deals one card face down to first player, one card face down to self. Player looks at card, then bets any amount of beer, a large shot glass is usually a good limit.

Player keeps first card face down, and can take as many hits as he wants. If he goes over 7.5, he must announce that fact, and then drink the bet. If not, when he stops, dealer turns over his card, and then hits until he thinks he has the player beat. If dealer busts, he drinks the bet.

When the dealer is satisfied with his hand, the player turns over his card. Lower total drinks. Ties mean player drinks. The dealer then goes to the next player, repeating the process until the deck is exhausted.

If the player gets a "five card charlie" (5 cards, not busted), he wins immediately, dealer cannot draw, dealer loses even with a 10 in hand. If player draws to 7.5, dealer can of course try to tie (win).

If the dealer begins dealing begins with six or less cards, the penalty is to deal again. WIth six or less cards, dealer lays them face down, the player bets, they both draw a card, loser drinks (tie == player drinks) Play continues until everyone has dealt.


Another mentally challenging card game that involves beer. High level buzz factor. Supplies: beer, people (not more than 6 for a good game), and a deck of cards.

Sit in a circle, deal out the entire deck of cards evenly, or thereabouts, to each player. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards. Starting with aces, the first player lays down the number of aces s/he has, stating the number of cards. EVEN if the player doesn't have any of the card, LIE.

If someone thinks that you are lying, they say "Bullshit!" If that person is right, you drink an amount proportional to the number of cards in the stack; lots of cards already played = lots of drinks. However, if you were honest in your play and someone says "Bullshit!" that person ends up drinking the prescribed amount.

Play starts with aces, then goes on accordingly, through kings, then repeats back to aces.

Oh, by the way, if have to drink because of either being caught bullshitting or falsely accusing, in addition to drinking, you must also pick up all of the cards already played and add them to your hand.

Play continues until someone runs out of cards. If you so choose, play could continue down to the last two players.

Death Ring

The name alone should inspire great caution. Gather many risk-loving friends, mass hordes of beer, two decks of cards and get ready for some serious consumption.

Everyone is in a circle. The first person draws a card. The next person draws a card. If the card is related to the first card drawn (related meaning it is the same value or if it is the same suit) then both players must drink the number of sips as on their card. (jack=11 drinks, queen=12, etc.). If they have both have the exact same card then they have to drink double the face value. Ok, if that doesn't sound bad enough, it gets worse. The next person in the circle is the one who gets to count the sips the first two are drinking, as fast or slow as he/she wants. But, and this is a big but, if one of the drinkers finishes their beer before the counting is done, then the person counting has to finish his beer. (It is best to play this game with cans of beer or cups so you can bluff as to how much beer you have left).

Ok, now, the third person draws, if the card is related to either the 1st or 2nd card, then all 3 have to drink (the fourth person counts), and say that one and two had a match, then they still drink double. Now continue around the circle. If a card drawn fails to be related, the ring is broken, and start again. If the ring makes it all around the circle, then the first guy gets rid of his card and becomes the counter, then is next to draw a new card.

Ok, a sample round. Let's have 6 people in the ring.

Be careful with this one.


Drug Dealer

Quite a simple game actually, with a low-mid boot factor.

This is a game to play while doing other things at a party. To play the game you need one playing card for each participant. You always need one King and one Ace, and a variety of numbered cards some low, some mid, some high, but just one card per player.

The cards are dealt face down, take a quick peek. The person who gets the King is the cop, the person who gets the ace is the drug dealer, everyone else are bystanders.

It is the drug dealers job to very VERY discreetly wink at another player, this person while enventually say 'the deal has been made.' At this time the cop identifies him/herself and tries to figure out who the dealer is. The cop chooses a player, if wrong the cop drinks the number shown on the card, and then chooses again, if wrong again, he drinks the number on that card. When the cop chooses correctly, the drug dealer drinks the NUMBER OF CARDS remaining NOT the total of the numbers on the cards.

After that, the cards are redealt and the game goes on.

This is a great game for when people don't feel like playing a game because it's the regular socializing that helps disguise any winks and keep the cop on his/her toes. However, it helps alot if the players do sit in a circle while playing, and not spread around a room.

Obviously if you want to increase the boot factor, play with high numbered cards.


High or Low

This is another very easy game with a pretty decent buzz factor. Materials needed: people, beer, cards.

Player one is dealt a card. S/he then guesses whether the next card will be higher or lower than the next card. If wrong, s/he drinks once (because one card was showing). If correct, s/he guesses again. After taking at least three cards, the player may choose to continue or pass, BUT ONLY after having taken at least three cards. If the player pass, the next player starts where the previous left off.

When a player guesses incorrectly, s/he drinks for each card showing. SO, the strategy is to build up a lot of cards and then pass it to the next player.

Before play starts, determine by vote if equal cards are a loss or correct guess.



All you need is 4 people, a deck of cards, and plenty of beer.

First, the players divide into teams of 2. Partners sit across the table from each other. The cards are all dealt out. The point of the game is to score the most points. You score a point every time you lay the card of the same value as the person before you laid. To make things more interesting, there are "safe cards": Eights and Jacks. You cannot lay a safe card on another safe card (i.e. no 8 on 8, J on J, 8 on J, J on 8).

The team that was scored upon drinks until told to stop by a member of the scoring team (this explains the variation in the buzz factor). After each point, the cards are cleared by the scoring team (be sure to keep track of each point for scoring purposes). After all the cards have been laid, that's the end of a period.

As in the actual game of hockey, there are 3 periods. The person to the left of period 1's dealer becomes the new dealer, and the same rules apply.

Keep score like this:

End of period 1:
Team 1 scored 5 points  -  Team 2 scored 12 points
Team 2 leads 7-0 after 1 period

End of period 2:
Team 1 scored 7 points  -  Team 2 scored 8 points
Team 2 now leads 8-0 after 2 periods (7+(8-7))

End of period 3:
Team 1 scored 15 points  -  Team 2 scored 3 points
Team 1 wins, 4-0 (15-3=12; 12-8=4)



A simple game, could be quite interesting. A game that could very easily be played in a bar, making the lives of others more interesting. Played with liquor not beer. Supplies: people, a variety of liquor, and a deck of cards.

Shuffle the cards. Start dealing one card at a time, face up, to each player. The first person to be dealt a king picks a liquor, the second dealt a king picks the mixer, the third makes the drink (or buys it), and the last dealt a king drinks it.

This can turn out to be quite a laugh; it relies purely on chance, and if you pick a really disgusting liquor or liquor/mixer combination, it could happen that you'll be the one required to drink the concoction.


A drinking game adapted to the card game Euchre. If you don't know how to play Euchre, don't ask. It has to be seen to be understood, and not many people get it after that. So, this game is for those who know how to play the game.

Lose a point: one drink per point.
Get Euchred : five drinks, plus drinks for points.
Take all during loner: losers drink 10, plus points.
Partner over-trumps when not necessary: partner has two.
Caught Reneging: Kill entire beer.
Victorious: Have a few to celebrate.

Add to and adjust as needed.


Another decent card game with a mid-level buzz factor. Supplies: people, beer, and a deck of cards.

Shuffle the deck of cards. Spread them out so that any card can be chosen. Someone, doesn't matter who, goes first by choosing a card. The following tells what action is going to be taken:

Play continues to the left, unless a five, the change of direction card was drawn.



A game of speed, challenge, and intellect? (or was that Thumper?) Anyways, a good game with a Very High buzz factor. Supplies: people, beer, and cards.

Best played with a large number of people (for obvious reasons). One person is designated as the dealer. (This person should be changed every round because the dealer is at a distinct disadvantage. Some people play that the dealer does not play on his/her turn.) The dealer begins by placing cards, face up, in a stack, and calls out the number on each turn. When two cards of the same number come up in a row, the first person to bring his/her hand down onto the top of the pile gets the top card, and is then allowed to "give out" the number of the card in drinks to whomever he/she wishes. Rounds end when the dealer runs out of cards.

Some people try to add some more fun to the game by requiring that all players have the 'snap hand' behind their backs. Others call snap on two face cards of same suit in a row, or cards in either assending or decending order.


Thirty One

A game of math and drinking. You'll need a deck of cards, people, and beer. The game follows the same premise as BlackJack, but with some important variations.

The object of the game is to get as close to 31 points in your hand without going over. Aces are 11, all face cards are 10 points, and all other cards are face value.

Each player is dealt three cards, two face-down, and one face-up. The play rotates, like in BlackJack, for additional cards. At any point in the game, if you think you have a high hand, 28 points or so, you can "knock," which means everyone else has one last draw to add to their hand. After everyone plays their last card, the hands are laid down and the person with the lowest point total has to drink an entire beer before they lose again in an ensuing hand. If the person who knocked has the lowest point total, that player must also drink an additional penalty beer for poor play.

If someone does not finish their beer before losing again, they must drink yet another penalty beer. Finally, anytime someone has a total of 31 in their hand, they immediately place their cards down and EVERYONE else is a loser. Fast play can be a killer.


Up and Down the River

Quite an excellent game with a potentially very high buzz factor. Required materials: many people and at least two decks of cards. A good rule of thumb is one deck for six people, than an additional deck for every additional eight to ten people.

Everyone sits in a circle, one player is the dealer as well as a participant. Each player is dealt four cards face up, to be kept in front of that player.

The dealer then starts 'up the river' by turning over the first card, each player with the same card in front of him/her (suit doesn't matter), must take one drink. If the person has more than one of the same card, it is a drink for each card.

The dealer then turns over the next card. Same thing, except this time it is two drinks. The next deal is three drinks, and the the last is four drinks.

After the fourth card, the dealer returns 'down the river' by dealing the next card on top of the fourth card dealt. Players with matching cards now GIVE four drinks away in any combination; four to one player, or maybe one drink to four different players. Same situation of the player has more than one of the same card; the player gives drinks for each card.

The dealer continues back 'down the river' by dealing the next card on top of the third card dealt. This time players give three cards for each matching card. The next deal is a give of two drinks, and the last deal is a give of one drink.

After all the cards are dealt, simply shuffle and deal again. Lastly, the dealer starts turning over cards, while counting from 1 (ace) to 13 (king), if the count and the card turned over are equal in value then all players drink that many drinks. Play continues until everyone is sick of the game, or sick from the beer.

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