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Created By:
Smoking Chimp

(Feb 22, 2009)

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia!



-One of the characters take a drink
-We see hobos in the bar
-Sweet Dee is told she's ugly/untalented/unattractive
-Charlie huffs something
-Charlie is wearing his epic horse t-shirt and long johns
-Someone mentions Charlie's illiteracy
-Dennis mentions his cheekbones
-Mac mentions karate
-Mac is wearing a new sleeveless shirt
-Danny DeVito says "shit"
-The Waitress makes her 'disgusted with Charlie' face
-Kaitlin Olson has way fewer lines than the other cast members in a scene


-Somebody gets laid
-A new scheme is hatched
-Someone is in costume

-Mac is shirtless
-Charlie gets violent
-Danny DeVito pulls out a gun
-Dee busts out her acting skills
-Dee announces she has a date or new boyfriend
-Rickety Cricket, Artemis, or the McPoyles are onscreen

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