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Created By:
Smoking Chimp

(Feb 22, 2009)

James Bond!

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Decant beer into pint glass. Each serving is measured according to the width of your fingers up the side of the glass.

Watch a Bond film.

Drink the appropriate fingers widths each and every time the dialogue includes:

In addition, when Bond blows up the bad guy's base - usually at the end of the film, but, terrifyingly, at the start of Octopussy - you down your pint.

Finally, double entendres are one finger. Double entendres are decided by two or more participants roaring "Wahey!" immediately afterwards.

All beer obligations are cumulative, which means the phrase "My name is Bond, James Bond, 007, licence to kill," could be fatal to a roomful of pissheads. The whole thing gets very rowdy and mental, and is extremely dangerous for puking.

Respect the Bond and fear the beer, oh my followers!

Should you undertake the Bond game, you will need at least eight cans of beer. One tip is to open all your cans at the start, to allow the beer to go flat."

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