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Created By:
Smoking Chimp

(Feb 22, 2009)

Jerry Springer!

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Just drink once if any of the following things occur:

- Jerry says his ever so famous "Don't even go there."
- The KKK or the black panthers are on his show
- Steve has to stop a fight
- Someone from the audience asks a question or makes a comment
- If the question or comment sucks, drink again
- A cuss word gets bleeped out (this one is a killer)
- The telephone number 1-800-96-JERRY is advertised
- You see someone that looks like your next door neighbor on the screen
- A 13 year old girl is already having sex
- Chug is you would like to get her phone number
- Rob the liquor store if you do have her phone number
- Jerry is LIVE on a fabulous vacation site
- Jerry tries to have a serious show with a serious meaning
- Someone walks off the stage
- Someone is asked to decide
- A guest whose dressed as a woman is really a man
- A guest whose dresses as a man is really a woman

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