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Created By:
Smoking Chimp

(Feb 22, 2009)

Spin City!

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Directions :

1.    Watch Spin City.
2.    Look for any of the occurences below.
3.    If you see any of the events listed, imbibe the appropriate measure of fluid.

Take a sip when Mike...

-Goes out on a date.  (Two sips if it's Nikki.  Three sips if it's Lauire.   Chug if it's Ashley.)
-Kisses a woman.
-Is shown in bed with a woman.
-Holds a meeting.
-Speaks at a press conference.
-Keeps his left hand in his pocket.  (His left is the one most affected by Parkinson's.)
-Is seen doing a physical stunt.
-Is seen roller-blading.

Take a sip when Stuart...

-Makes a remark about Nikki's love life.
-Makes a remark about Carter's sexuality.  (Two sips if he incorporates race.)
-Is lectured by Mike for making inflamatory remarks.
-Is shown not wearing his glasses.  (Chug if he's not wearing his shirt.)

Take a sip when Paul...

-Does something cheap.
-Is shown in his office.
-Speaks on the phone.
-Acts slow-witted.
-Is shown on a date.  (Chug if it's not with Claudia.)
-Yells for no reason.
-Holds a press conference.  (Chug if he doesn't embarrass himself.)

Take a sip when Carter...

-Goes on a date.  (Chug if it's with a woman.)
-Glares at Stuart.
-Leans against James' desk.
-Gives relationship advice to Mike.  (Two sips if Mike listens.)
-Is shown portraying a Black stereotype.
-Is shown portraying a gay stereotype.
-Is shown in his office.  (Gulp.)

Take a sip when Nikki...

-Goes on a date.  (Chug if it goes well.)
-Fantasizes about Mike.
-Marries someone.  (Chug)
-Changes her hairstyle.
-Makes a joke about birth-control.

Take a sip when Stacy...

-Acts street-wise.
-Mentions Brooklyn.  (Two sips if she mentions anything Italian.)
-Is shown doing something secretarial.

Take a sip when James...

-Mentions Wisconsin.
-Acts naive.
-Is shown writing a speech.
-Is at a loss for words.
-Asks someone for advice.  (Chug if it's Stuart.)

Take a sip when The Mayor...

-Does something silly.
-Is seen with a family member.  (Chug if it's his wife.)
-Mentions Connecticutt.
-Takes a WASP view of an issue.
-Goes on a date.  (Two sips.)
-Is saved by Mike.
-Runs for office.  (Chug.)

Take a sip when Janelle...

-Is seen.
-Her last name is mentioned.
-Gives advice to the other women.
-Does something that isn't secretarial.

Take a sip when...

-Claudia appears.
-A Reporter asks a question.
-Mike's mom is mentioned.  (Two sips if she shows up.)
-Any former co-star of Michael J. Fox appears.
-Rags speaks.
-Any Fordham paraphenalia appears.
-Any New York Rangers memorabilia appears.
-Any of the Staff members drink coffee.
-The Landmark Tavern is shown.
-Mike's apartment is shown.

Take two sips when...

-Laurie appears.
-A star from Cheers shows up.
- "Sit Ubu, Sit"
-Someone is shown walking through the halls.
-Roberta appears.
-Carter and Stuart's apartment is shown.

Take a gulp when...

-Any Prominent New York Figure appears.
-Ashley appears.
-Another ABC or Disney-owned show is prominently featured. (Hurl container at screen and yell obscenities.)
-The Churchills appear.
-They change the opening theme song.
-The show changes time slots.
-Karen appears.
-Rags tries to kill himself.


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