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Created By:
Smoking Chimp

(Feb 22, 2009)


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To Play Labyrinth : The Drinking Game, you will need:

Begin by inserting your beat up copy of Labyrinth into your VCR or DVD player and pressing the Play button. The game starts when the music begins, David Bowie starts wailing, the opening credits roll, and computerized owls start flapping around the screen. Every time one of the listed events occurs, everyone takes a sip of their drink. We really don't recommend chugging a whole glass, especially if you're using alcohol. You'll be piss drunk before Jareth even says, "What a pity."

Drink whenever:

The game ends when the Labyrinth characters start dancing around your living room and/or Jareth appears out of nowhere and announces that he's come to take you away (he's commonly mistaken for the designated driver). This is regardless of where you actually are in the movie.

The winner is the last conscious person to put down his drink after each event. Ties are possible, of course. Alternate Method: the winner is the person who is sober enough to push the Rewind button.

IF YOU'RE NOT USING ALCOHOL: The winner is the person who's been able to avoid using the bathroom the entire time, or the least amount of times.



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