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Created By:
Smoking Chimp

(Feb 22, 2009)

Desperate Housewives!

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  Set Up:
First, select a beverage of your liking. And then have a few more standing by as these rules allow for ample imbibing.
Also, all rules are to be interpreted by the group as a whole. If the majority feels something happened that incurs a drink, then all drink.
Next, turn on the TV.
If someone breaks one of the Ten Commandments Chug
Any time someone is seen working on their lawn or doing gardening type chores (like repotting a plant) Chug
When a character crosses the street Sip
Anyone seen talking on a cell or cordless phone Sip
Anyone seen talking on a CORDED phone Chug
If someone walks out the front door Sip
Someone comes to door, but no one enters or exits door Chug
Any card playing Sip
When the narrator talks Chug
Person seen carrying a baby Sip
When someone SERVES food Chug
Cleavage is shown Sip
When anyone has a drink, so do you Sip
When a man is seen shirtless Sip
When a woman is seen shirtless Chug




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