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Created By:
Smoking Chimp

(Feb 22, 2009)

Terminator 2!

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Take a drink every time:

- There is a bun shot.
- The T-800 series (Arnold) shows no pain.
- The T-1000 looks like "The Mercury Man."
- Sarah Connor tells the story of her dream.
- John Conner does something illegal.
- Every time "anyone" notices that John looks incredibly mature for a ten year old.
- John tells someone about his life.
- The Doctor in the institution is arrogant, over-bearing, and asshole-ish.
- Every time someone points these qualities out about the good doctor.
- Sarah looks like she could eat a small woodland creature for a snack and use the bones for toothpicks.
- Sarah embarrasses the Good Doctor.
- Sarah beats the hell out of somebody and it makes you feel better.
- The T-800 (Arnold) reveals something about his circuits.
- Somebody has to do first-aid.
- The T-800 (Arnold) runs out of ammo.
- Sarah runs out of ammo.
- The T-800 (Arnold) shows his strength.
- The T-1000 uses his arm as a stabbing tool.


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