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Created By:
Smoking Chimp

(Feb 22, 2009)


Here are the drink amounts for each of the following events:

- Bass line plays - 1 drink
- Kramer busts through the door - 2 drinks
- Elaine pushes someone - 1 drink
- Elaine says "shut up" - 2 drinks
- Bob Sacemento is mentioned (obviously by Kramer) - 3 drinks
- Jerry or George gets dumped by his girlfriend - 2 drinks
- Jerry does stand-up - 1 drink
- Someone has coffee - 1 drink
- Someone calls a line correctly - everyone else drinks 2
- Someone calls a line incorrectly - person drinks 2
- A comment is made about George's baldness - drink as much as possible, pour rest of beer on head
- Mr./Mrs. Seinfeld/Kastanza makes an appearance - 1 drink
- Mr./Mrs. Bennis/Kramer makes an appearance - 3 drinks
- Someone drinks alcohol - finish beer
- One of the characters gets laid - 1 drink for each character (e.g.-Jerry sleeps with Elaine - 2 drinks)
- A celebrity appears - 2 drinks
- The Newmen/Seinfeld confrontation - Everyone must say "hello Newmen" and drink 2
- Soup Nazi says "No soup for you!" - Everyone yells with him and takes 3 drinks

Make up some of your own rules....just make sure you get really drunk!

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