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Created By:
Smoking Chimp

(Feb 22, 2009)

Sport Center!

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This game works best when both Keith Olberman and Dan Patrick are the anchors, so let's hope Keith doesn't get suspended again and/or leave when his contract expires.  Without one of them, it can still work fairly well.  If neither are anchoring, it probably isn't worth opening a beer. But then again, it also isn't worth watching Sportscenter without them. All the following phrases apply to any anchor.  They are listed by person simply as a guide to who will usually say it.

Keith Olberman

Dan Patrick

Either Patrick or Olberman

Any Anchor

Anchors other than Patrick or Olberman

A general rule here is to drink whenever the anchor makes a fool of him/herself thinking he/she is being funny. This will at least make watching Stuart Scott bearable since this rule will make you drink every time he opens his mouth. Finish your drink if one says something that is actually funny. (This rule will never come into play if Stuart Scott is anchoring.)



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