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Created By:
Smoking Chimp

(Feb 22, 2009)

Gilmore Girls!

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Take one drink if:

...Lorelai is drinking coffee

...Luke is yelling at someone

...Luke is arguing with Taylor

...Babette speaks

...Lane defies her Mother

...Two guys fight over Rory

...Emily wears pants instead of a skirt or suit

...Richard is reading

...Kirk is trying to sell something to someone

...Sookie is not cooking

Take three drinks if:

...Richard and Emily have a new maid, cook or housekeeper

... Luke is yelling at Kirk

...Miss Patty actually teaches a class

...Jess is in a scene and is not scowling

...Luke is not wearing a baseball hat

...Michel is nice to a guest

...Paris calls Rory a goody-goody or some form there of ("Someone mad at Rory? That would be like the Tin Man hating Dorothy")

Pound it if:

...Morey speaks a full sentence

...Rory gets arrested and is actually guilty

...Rory gets an F

...Lorelai eats a leafy green vegetable

...Someone talks slowly


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