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Smoking Chimp

(Feb 22, 2009)

Best SL Quotes of All Time!

#1 "I just tell them to check their junk" - ZW

#2 "It's a hot books thing" - Chris O'Brien

#3 "It is impossible to ship from California to Iowa in one day" - Marlene Chramosta

#4 "I AM ON BREAK!" - Ginger Mann

#5 "Chris O likes to work Chris C's hot bottem" - Erin Byrne

#6 "Who took my pop?" - Marlene Chramosta

#7 "I like to get a little hunny T-bag" - Turkelton

#8 "mmmmmm yes I like em nice and easy" - Sheila

#9 "Oh fooey dooey" - Sheila

#10 "Hi, this is Sales Liaison, and it looks like you have a couple of queries open. um.... one of the um.... queries is on the RCF line um.... the um.... customer um.... would like to remove it um.... and it looks like you charged for it so um... you are um... going to need to supercede it. There is another query on um.... looks like we are um... missing um... a copy sheet for copy sheet A under the heading um... Bookkeeping um... so if you could send that in um... our phone number is 866-841-9402 and you can talk to anyone who um... answers the phone um... once again that phone number is 866-841-9402 and um... please call use back with in 24 hours um... 866-841-9402 , thank you have a nice day" - RS

#11 "Are we done yet?" - Tina Ender